Workout – Preventing Injuries

A lot of people today are so eager to attain a sexy, hot physique. Sometimes many go way overboard to attain such fitness goals. Some injuries can occur during workouts that can lead to as minor as mild cramps to debilitating paralysis and even death. This is all because of carelessness of not knowing or educating themselves on how to prevent such. Now, before you go further in achieving a fit and healthy body, better read on.

Research before Commencing
It is essential before starting any fitness program to research on it. Make sure you can handle the workout, if you are not sure about it, ask a Thrive Personal Trainer, a professional fitness expert that can guide you on what best exercises you can engage to. Another thing is to consult a physician prior to setting foot in the gym. It is important that you do. This will allow you to be aware of the activities that you can and cannot do, as well as conditions that you might have that can further jeopardize your health upon strenuous movements.

Warm Ups/Cool Downs
Warm ups and cool downs are the best ways you can prevent injuries. Warm ups such as light calisthenics movement, slow running, and stationary bikes prep the body so it can achieve its full potential during intense and strenuous workouts. Cool downs on the other hand gradually relaxes the body, preventing cramps, body aches and other post workout problems.

Stretching is also part of a warm up and a cool down. We have to give emphasis on this because it is the most important part of any routine and before engaging into any sports. Most muscle injuries are often caused by skipping this one basic step. So, do not forget to stretch, this allows muscles to be more elastic preventing any muscle tear and cramps.

Listen to Your Body
We often hear fitness enthusiast say “No Pain, No Gain”, but I want to let you in to something. There is an “acceptable” level of pain during workouts. Bear in mind that pain is a way for your body to communicate that there is something wrong. So listen to your body, do not push so hard and know when to stop.

During intense activities we tend to perspire so hard, we lose body fluids through sweat making us prone to dehydration. This may cause our body to shut down in an attempt to keep fluids circulating. Keep hydrated during workouts by drinking water within cardiac limit.


Hire a Personal Trainer
Thrive personal training can be a bit of a hurdle. But do not fret, the best and the wisest way to prevent injuries during workouts is to hire a fitness expert. They know the proper program for your body, the right diet and supplements that can enhance your routine, strengthen the bone and muscles and help you achieve the body you always wanted.

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