Level Up Your Paintball Game with These 3 Awesome Excercises

Paintball is a very challenging game, there is a lot of competition going on. When the game first started, it was all about the ”last man standing”. You should be able to defeat all your opponents to win. But as the it evolved into a much modern play, so thus the rules. Paintball had become an organized sport and it is now being played in tournaments. Multiple players  in groups now play the sport, they win through group camaraderie and cooperation. A referee does the scoring, declaring who wins or who loses.

In order to bag the trophy, the players should not only have the best paintball guns, but  must also have the skills and physique to endure the challenge. Like Paintball ninjas, prior to a tournament, there is a lot of preparation to be done. Tactics are formed and intense physical training is undergone. So, to level up your game here are 3 exercises you must be doing:

Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercise is an essential part of a training. It does not only do amazing result physically, but it also strengthens the heart and the lung capacity. You can do anything you enjoy most, like running, jogging and fast walking for an hour or two. However, studies show that intense cardio exercises for at least 20 minutes can be more advantageous for the body than low intensity ones. So choose your routines wisely.


Strength Training

Lifting weights can tone, firm and strengthen the muscles. And the more developed muscles you have, the stronger you get and the better paintball player you can be. If you are new to it, you can have body weight exercises, this simply means using your own weight for strength training. Next, you can start lifting dumbbells and barbells, then cables or type rods for a more intense workout. Consult a fitness expert before doing so, he will assist you  with the routines and prevent occurrences of any injuries.


Flexibility Exercises

Stretching prior and after workouts are considered flexibility exercise, but it takes a little more than that to lose tight muscles. Yoga is known as a good way to do that. It loosens muscles and releases those lactic acids trapped within making it more flexible. Doing yoga posts prevent injuries during the game, it is indeed very beneficial for the body. So,start now in preparation for the big game.


Add a new dimension to your sport. Level it up by doing these three exercises. You will surely notice the big difference. Enjoy!

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