How our new signage caused a 50% increase in new clients


Business signs should be well-crafted to give a lasting impression about your business to clients. Creating awareness is crucial if a company wants to stay relevant in the market. A well-placed sign with effective elements should be able to generate more interest from people.

As signs get older, the design and build will become less attractive to customers. Modern time require much more modern design elements and following newer trends. You need to be able to adapt so you can stay relevant.

Hiring a sign maker to evaluate the marketability of your company will be important during this time. They should be able to work with what you have in terms of your old sign and make you a new, much more modern business signage that will attract more clients.

This new signage will have elements that make it an effective sign to market a business. Signage done by professionals will be better looking compared to going DIY because they have the experience and skills to make a signage effective.

Signs should have attention-grabbing qualities. People should just look at the sign and know that the company who owns it is professional and sells only high quality products. These qualities become even more important for a company selling alternative medicine to customers just like us.

The alternative medicine industry is quite difficult to market in because generally it goes against the grain when it comes to the preferred option of customers. It has to be effective enough to convince customers to change their tune when choosing medical options. Our sings have the following characteristics:

  1. Visible – The contents of the sign should be clearly seen with the proper lighting. Strategic placement is also important wherein customers can see it from many different angles. You shouldn’t place it near some obstructive objects like electric poles, trees, or neighboring structures in your area. Bigger signs are also effective in attracting customers across the street or from another block to your place.
  2. Informative – Each sign should contain complete information about your company including name, contact information (phone, email, and text), and the full address.
  3. Message – The message on your sign includes the name, logo, and slogan. Both the name and logo should give clients an idea of what they will get from the company. If you put a slogan on your sign, it should help in recalling the brand your company is trying to build. People who remember the slogan will surely remember your product/company in the future.
  4. Design – Nice bold colors should be used to make a business signage more effective. Visually, bold colors attract more eyes along the street. You can also play with the colors to contrast very well so you can make the words and images in your logo pop out even more.

These are the qualities we made sure our business signage had to be able to effectively attract 50% more customers to our products. We rely on a sign make that can do business printing for us. It really helps us take advantage of the buying tendencies of our customers to bump our sales and visit to our stores.

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