How High Perfromance Athletes use Chiropractors – Even When They’re not Injured

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A high-performance athlete is always on the move and outperforming themselves.  This strenuous activity cycle has to take its toll on them.  There is a payout to all this hard work and that is having a fit body and great lung power.  But even the most seasoned athletes require having some healing from time to time.

This is where chiropractic sessions come in.  You see, it is not only when an injury occurs that these high-end players visit the clinic, they have also realized that in order to perform to their full all the time, they need to have their nervous system in check.

To get more and a better insight on this, we visited the Back2health clinic in Vancouver, BC.  They specialize in using chiropractic care to enhance athletes performance and potential.

“Athletes place their bodies to a lot of stress.  This results in pain and chronic aches that may develop into a serious injury.  This is what we try to reduce here at the clinic through alignment of the spine and correction of its function.  In this way, we prevent injuries and improve recovery time,” Dr. Jamie Henessy says.

This is how chiropractic care works and how it is beneficial to athletes:

Taking Care of Injuries

Studies have shown that during hard sports, an athlete can receive the same levels of strain as that of a car crash.  No wonder they wind up beaten or with injuries.  Chiropractic care takes care of such injuries through the alignment of the spine.

The principle here obeys to the fact that spinal adjustments reduce the irritation of the nerve roots between the vertebrae.   Now, in order to enjoy these benefits, an athlete needs to get routine spinal adjustments. To make sure that their nerves, which are correctly aligned, will respond positively to the stress of the sport.

Faster Healing

When an athlete is enjoying a correctly adjusted spine with non-strained nerves, the healing process of the body is faster.  The body likes to be in the natural state of healing.  Anything that is a foreigner, the body will try to fight it.  Chiropractic care seeks to accelerate this process.

So, it stands to reason that an athlete will benefit from a periodic visit to the clinic.

Increased Range of Motion

When your spine is not in proper alignment, the muscles will usually cramp up o spasm.  When this happens, your range of motion is greatly reduced.

By healing misalignments, you are stimulating your brain to develop a greater range of motion.  You get an increased rate of motion and faster healing.

Performance Enhancement

In order for an athlete to stand out in a game, they should have a great performance.  Of course, it has some other implications but probably the wasted energy is the most important one.

As a dedicated athlete, you should be aware of your body needs.   Dr. Henessy suggests that you visit the chiropractic office not only during the event of an injury but any time since this will reduce the chances of suffering serious injury in the future.


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