Benefits of Introducing Foam Rollers Into High Performance Athletes Stretching Routines

A high-performance athlete is always demanding the highest grade of endurance for their muscles.  Currently, there is an array of methods that allow these athletes to help stay fit and to keep their muscles always up for the demands of heavy routines. One technique preferred by fitness professionals is foam rolling, otherwise known as myofascial release. In fact, foam rolling is practiced for all kinds of fitness programs regardless of the demand of exercise.


Muscles are covered by a layer called fascia.  This tissue may become thicker and thicker until you get a sensation of pain in the area when a little pressure is applied.  These areas of the body, where muscles have become stiff, are called trigger points.  When this happens, it is time to release this tension in order to bring your muscles back to normal and ready for action.  A great way of doing this is through foam-rolling.


When foam rolling, the fascia is released and the muscle gets back to normal.  This is important for high performance since a sore muscle can seriously compromise your body’s response to heavy action.


Trigger points, when released, allow free movement to the muscle, restoring proper movement and taking away the pain. This will result in a better performance.  Foam rolling will also help your muscles not feel sore after strenuous exercise.  This is why it is important to have a foam rolling session before and after a complete routine or hitting the pitch.


Besides the benefits mentioned above, a proper foam rolling also stimulates proper blood flow, allowing oxygen-rich cells and muscles.  This also has the benefit of improving oxygen flow to your muscles during exercise.


Get into the habit of stretching out after exercise with a good foam roller.  This will release tension from your muscles and keep them tuned for any kind of physical discharge.


Foam rolling is both relaxing and flexible.  It is relaxing since it does not require any special effort.  Some exercises include you lying down over one and rocking your body back and forth.  You decide what amount of pressure you let the roller apply over you.  This is determinant to the effectiveness of the self-myofascial release.


If you are really interested in this new trend of fitness to keep muscles ready for action, then you must know that there are different types of foam rollers.  Which one you decide to use will ultimately depend on your level of expertise and the kind of release you are looking for.  If you are a high-performance athlete, make sure you get the best trigger point grid foam roller at the best price and on the best store.



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