Athletes’ Healing Process – Dogs Can Help

Accidents do happen. And when it does, it is extremely depressing for people, especially for athletes. These individuals are exceptionally active and they do what they love to do – sports. But, this comes with a price, they are also prone to trauma and sometimes, no matter how they try to avoid or prevent injuries, untoward circumstances do occur.

When a sporty person gets an injury, it can be debilitating for him. Not able to do what you are passionate about can be very depressing. Some recovers, but some does not and in the process of healing, may that be physical, emotional and mental – more often than not, they have difficulties grappling with the situation. There are numerous ways to cope up, and one unique way to accelerate the process of healing is through the help of a man’s best friend – DOGS!

Therapy Dogs

There is a profound connection between our canine pals and humans. The effects of dogs to people is so intense that they have the ability to speed up the recovery as backed up by evidences throughout the history. First documented proof  happened during the World War II, where a certain Corporal named William Wynn brought Smoky, his Yorkshire Terrier everywhere he went. When Corporal Wynn was afflicted with a disease, Smoky was brought regularly to visit him in the hospital. And aside from helping Corporal Wynn, he was said to have contributed to the healing process of the soldiers confined at the said hospital.

Today, these furry friends are being trained to be Therapy Dogs. They are naturally loving and can sense human emotions and needs. So what trainers do is to upskill them to be more obedient and caring, expose them more to people through dog walking and other ways of human exposure, so they can get accustomed to and stay calm around crowded places and also teach them how to be gentle, yet strong. These are the characteristics developed so they can be an effective therapeutic companions.

In addition, there are studies made to know the of effects of dogs to humans in general. Being around these furry pals is said to increase oxytocin and dopamine, making you feel happier, more connected and contented. It is also concluded that cortisol significantly decreases making them as good de-stresser. Having a dog is truly marvelous as back up by Science and of course based on the life experiences of millions of pet lovers and dog trainers.

Now, let me ask you these questions, do you think athletes can benefit from dogs, do you think they will accelerate their recovery period? Definitely! Even the most withdrawn athletes who have difficulties accepting their situation can benefit from a therapy dog. Just merely being around with this animal makes a huge difference in the life of any human.

Watch this short video on how dogs hep not only athletes, but children as well.

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