Changes in Physiotherapy to Support Elite Athletes


Physiotherapy has changed a lot over the years. Back in the day, physiotherapists are the professionals that we go to for help when we need something fixed. But in today’s athletic industry, they are already integrated in athletic programs.


The biggest reason for that are the health risks elite athletes are exposed to. It’s not really the diseases that might cripple them but a big injury that could hamper or worse get them out of commission in their sport.


Nowadays, sports medicine physician have big role in keeping athletes healthy all throughout the season. They have the support of both the athlete and the team management in employing methods that prevents injuries as much as possible but doesn’t hamper their performance.


Before, physiotherapists are specialists who learn techniques to help the body recover from big sports injuries through effective therapy. Although the therapy methods are essentially better, physiotherapists are asked to do more.


Aside from injury recovery, they work closely with athletes to manage their workouts and exercises to make them less susceptible to injury. This means that their workload has expanded because it brings new dimensions to their discipline. They have to be able to provide services that answer the demands of the team and the athlete as well as to be able to communicate with their clients what they are trying to do.


There are now sports medical clinics who dedicate themselves to sports performance. They have highly-skilled physiotherapists who tend to athletes as well as modern techniques and technologies that enhance their capabilities and address more critical issues with regards to athletic performance.


Managing all this has become a big problem for sports teams and athletes. But, it is also a problem they welcome. It ensures that they always get the best medical advice from credible professionals while still taking athlete preference into account in all their sports decisions.

How Technology is Making Knee Braces More Effective

Over the years, experts have been trying to find better ways to prevent or deal with knee injuries. The use of knee braces is one of the breakthroughs that had benefited lots of people around the world in protecting and supporting their knees.


knee brace


Technological advancements are also everywhere. Along with all these advancements, new developments and modifications were discovered to improve knee braces’ functions even more. It gives more support, protection and treatment to the many types of knee injuries. Some more advanced knee braces can help reduce the possibility of arthritic damage and even reduces pain.

Dealing with Knee Injury

There are many reasons why knee injury occurs. For some it may be caused by complications due to some severe illnesses or even old age. But often, injuries happen because of exhaustion. Knees are getting overused because of too much physical activity, especially for those who are playing extreme sports.

Having knee injury can be very daunting. It will affect your movement and if not properly attended, it may lead to a more severe mobility issues. Dealing with your knee injury as early as possible is important. It is the best way that you would be able to protect yourself from getting more serious health problems.

Knee Braces Technology

For the past decades, knee braces technology has been improving. New support technology was added to give more comfort and support. Whether you’re trying to avoid an injury or recovering from a past injury, you can find the best type of brace that works for you.

For instance, there are knee braces that combine technology, design and functionality in one. The best example is the Defiance III by DonJoy. It’s very light weight that you can wear it underneath your clothes. Defiance is a great choice for those who are into some extreme sports like skiing. Sports braces provide support without hampering your movements.

Some latest and highly advanced knee braces even have some cold therapy added. It can be a perfect brace for those who have experienced some minor injury. It’s like a combination of best compression and ice which can help lessen pain and swelling. All these technologies just make knee braces even more effective.


Finding the Best Knee Brace

The next challenge is to find the best knee brace that suits you. Since there are many knee braces available in the market, how would you be able to know which one works for your needs? The first and maybe the most effective way is to visit your doctor which will be able to assess the real condition of your knees. And so, will be able to suggest the kind of brace that you can wear.

You have to remember that knee braces vary in design and purpose. And it makes a lot of sense that not all braces would work for you. Whether you wanted to protect yourself from getting an injury or you’re trying to remedy an injury that you get into and get back to your normal life, the most important thing is to find the right brace, which will aid you, protecting and supporting your knees in the best possible way.




Does Tiger Woods Need Knee Brace

The answer to it goes without question.  Every golfer should use knee braces, especially at the professional level like Tiger Woods plays.  This is one way to keep the player safe from injury and feeling pain to the knees.  Now, while we maybe cannot tell either if Tiger Woods is using a brace there are several reasons why he should be.

Will prevent major injuries in the future


Tiger WoodsA knee brace provides much stability while applying force to the knee.  This becomes especially important when you have practiced the sport and considering that Woods has been a professional player for almost 20 years, he’d better stay safe.  When your knee is being held strong in place with the best knee brace, injuries are pretty unlikely to happen.  While gravity and motion is applying a lot of stress to the knee, this can be counteracted with the stability a knee brace provide.


Tiger Woods has had major injuries on his left knee, all from 2002 through 2012.  Some of them have taken him to the surgery room.  To this day, Tiger Woods is off the green due to problems on his back.  He plans on getting back in 2016.  It will probably not hurt to wear a knee brace to guarantee a little more time in the game.


They provide strength to the knee


Not only do braces provide relief after an injury but they provide effective support to keep it stable and distribute the stress applied to them.  Golf is a sport that requires a long time of standing up.  This means that, besides the feet, the knee is undergoing the pressure of body weight during a long time.


Wearing a knee brace will help stabilize the patella and allow it to endure all this stress.  Golfers such as Tiger Woods should know this fact and act accordingly.


He is not getting any younger


This is a true to pretty much all golfers.  As one ages, the ability to hold on to their feet becomes a more challenging feat.  The body does not respond to stress in the same way.  Aging has its way of wearing us our and we should do this the best way possible.  If your body is no longer what it used to be, you can still give it a little push with a great knee brace.


Our star Tiger Woods is turning 40 on December.   This is a fact he cannot ignore.  If he plans on staying fit on the game for years, a good knee brace would help him a lot.

How Stretching Can Take Your Golf Game To The Next Level

You already know that we are all about taking your game to the next level.  Golf requires practice and dedication.  It also requires workout for the sake of great performance.  But no exercise is complete without a sensitive routine of workout. Let us lay it down for you why stretching is so important and how it will take your golf skills to the next level.


Stretching increases flexibility

As you have probably noticed, you are not getting any younger.  As we age, our muscles become tighter and we are unable to perform certain activities that we usually took for granted. You will notice that activities that we used to take for granted now represent a challenge.  Stretching provides more time of flexibility and allows the muscles to be able to perform at their best.  Golf is a sport that requires muscles to be working at their full;  try stretching sessions to keep these muscles and the joints workable. This will also enable you to have an enjoyable life.


Stretching decreases your risk of injuries

This concept is pretty simple.  If you have three people over you holding a rope attached to a heavy piano, the total weight of this one is not on  you.  If they all decide to let go, all the weight goes to you.  It is almost the same with your muscles and spine.  If the hamstrings and muscles of hip and pelvis are being stretched, these muscles will relieve stress from your spine.  No more lower back pain, plus a reduced amount of injuries.


Stretching increases blood flow

Blood flow is important to your muscles since it brings oxygen to the rest of the organs in order for them to function properly.  You are interested in a good blood stream working at its finest.  Again, aging is a process that might affect the effectiveness of blood flow.  This will keep your muscles healthy and ready for sports.


It improves athletic performance

The benefits that we mentioned earlier all add up to provide a better athletic performance.  With relaxed muscles, there is a greater chance to perform at your favorite sport. If you are a golfer, you are in for a great game that will be increased with relaxed muscles that are ready for action.


Make no mistake that stretching will up your game and turn you into a great golfer.  Get yourself into SF Golf lessons and start a stretching routine.  Stay healthy and be a better you every day.

How Fresh Fitness is Helping Athletes Achieve their Best

When it comes to fresh fitness, there is a lot of conversation about how it entails such broad aspects of nutrition.  It is not only about being fit for the sake of it but it involves a lifestyle.  It is about becoming a better you through a healthy way of living.  This is why athletes choose to have a fresh fitness program that includes not only workouts but healthy food and lifestyle practices.



This has led to a better performance at the sport they practice.  When you apply yourself to stay fit and healthy you keep a great sense of accomplishment that follows you everywhere.


Fresh Fitness helps athletes set goals

One of the first things that athletes usually do when starting a fitness program is to set themselves a goal.  Goals are important since they place a flag at the end of the long road.  A flag that you must reach and make it yours.  They are important for motivation and in order to push oneself harder.  This motivation keeps athletes strong in the pitch.  Fresh Fitness is a great opportunity to set and pursue goals as a fuel for perseverance and steadfast.


It is a great way to recover from injuries

Fresh Fitness is not about “no pain, no gain” necessarily.  Instead, it comprises a set of routines that adapt to the necessity and endurance of the athlete.  This is why fresh fitness is a great option to recover from injuries.  Since it pumps oxygen-rich blood into the muscles, it is better for these injured muscles to recover.  This without the risk of fermenting and depositing lactic acid into the muscles from an unnecessary excess workout.  Routines are especially designed to favor the rapid recovery of an athlete.


Athletes can feel better about themselves

Just like a person that is not necessarily an athlete but likes to stay in shape, following a program that not only involves workout but also a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle can be rewarding.  When one is happy and feels good about how the body is being treated, this creates a full sentiment of well-being capable of changing the entire persona.  This time of well-being will definitively have an effect on an athlete and their performance.


Fresh fitness is targeted

This means that fresh fitness routines are adapted to the type of sport or athletic activity.  It is important to focus on those areas of the body that will actually aid an athlete into becoming the best they can be at their sport. If you’re in the Vancouver area instead, check out Ted Loo Fitness. They also have a great team dedicated to supporting you in your pursuit of fitness.



You Might Be Surprised, but Essential Oils Can Make You a Better Athlete

As an athlete, you definitely have gone through a lot of trainings and exercises to improve your body and your performance consequently. In order to become a better athlete, it requires time, effort and determination. No one ever gets to start as a pro.


Right now, we are not going to look into some series of training and exercises that you can do in order to become a better player. Surprisingly, there’s a natural and organic way of becoming a better athlete. And that is by using the power of essential oils.

What are these Essential Oils?

Before we actually dig deeper about the help of essential oils for you as an athlete, it would be best if we know what exactly are these essential oils?

Mainly, these essential oils are natural oils extracted from different herbs, plants and trees. These oils are the ones that you normally see sold in mini dark colored bottles. They are known to carry tons of organic healing and therapeutic properties, helping our body inside and out.

Essential Oils for Athletes

There’s a wide range of available essential oils in the market these days. With that, which ones are the best for athletes? And how can they even make them better ones?

There are many effective oils that are proven beneficial for athletes. Getting the right essential oil information is definitely necessary for you to identify which one works for you and your needs. Some of the best essential oils for athletes are as follows:

Lavender Oil – this oil can work wonderfully in relieving stress and provides relaxation. Because of its soothing and calming properties, it is perfect for athletes who would want to get a good night’s sleep after a long day of heavy physical activity.

peppermint oil

Peppermint Oil – this oil can help to improve alertness and concentration. You will find it useful before, while on the game and ever after the game. There might be some instances that it feels like you’re already running out of breath. A small drop of this oil to a cloth or cotton can aid your breathing.

Lemon Oil – this oil is known for its detoxifying and cleansing properties. It can be used internally, like adding a few drops of lemon oil on the water you’re drinking or some are putting in few drops when cooking meals. It’s also good for the immune system and builds better resistance, which is badly needed by athletes.

Becoming the Best Athlete

Truly, if you want to become a better athlete, you need to exert a lot of effort and time. It is also important that you find some effective ways to make your goal a reality. Just like using these essential oils and letting its wonders to work for you. It can help you achieve a fit and a willing body, improves resistance and provides you the uplifting spirit before, during and after the game.

Just keep this in mind – no one is born an ace. You really have to work yourself through it. Do regular trainings and exercises, and don’t forget adding a few drops of essential oils to complete the deal!

High Performance Goggles For Elite Swimmers

High performance requires high-performance gear.  There is no playing around when it comes to finding the appropriate attire to use while performing hard on your sport.  Elite swimmers require wearing top goggles in order for them to get into the waters with the confidence and comfort offered by quality goggles.

There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration when deciding to go for the best goggles that will meet the demands of professional swimmers:



Comfort has to do with how well the goggles adjust to the contour of your eyes.  The flexibility of the pieces will decide how comfortable they are to wear.  High-performance goggles are flexible yet sturdy.  They easily adjust to the shape of your head due to their elastic band that adapts to your head and face.


Usually, goggles will adjust to your eyes but not to your nose necessarily.  Many designs do not have an adjustable nose bridge.  Depending on how comfortable you want to be, you may pick these or a pair that will easily nest on your nose bridge.  You might end up with a mark otherwise.



Goggles provide varying degrees of visibility.  The trick here is to either have clear lenses or a bit smoked, depending on if you are competing or just practicing.  An elite swimmer will go for the amount of visibility required personally to get to the finish line. If the activity is to be done indoors, then clear lenses are perfect.  Smokey goggles are designed to reduce the glare of the sun when swimming is done outdoors.



A high-performance pair of goggles will not easily allow leakage at all.  This is important as this will also avoid misting which will compromise visibility.  A good adjustment will mean that water is not allowed inside the goggles.  In order to swim at your best, this is one aspect that must be carefully taken care of.



This is when the sweat originated from transpiration within the goggles turns into liquid on the inside frame of the goggles.  A high-performance pair of goggles will avoid this by allowing an escape to transpiration.


In order to be the best as an elite swimmer, the type of gear you chose is determinant to the type of performance you achieve.  Some goggles are very suitable for competing but others might only be suited for training.  Make sure you obtain the best quality in products.  The best Snorkel Gear Guide has the highest quality products for you to choose from.

Benefits of Introducing Foam Rollers Into High Performance Athletes Stretching Routines

A high-performance athlete is always demanding the highest grade of endurance for their muscles.  Currently, there is an array of methods that allow these athletes to help stay fit and to keep their muscles always up for the demands of heavy routines. One technique preferred by fitness professionals is foam rolling, otherwise known as myofascial release. In fact, foam rolling is practiced for all kinds of fitness programs regardless of the demand of exercise.


Muscles are covered by a layer called fascia.  This tissue may become thicker and thicker until you get a sensation of pain in the area when a little pressure is applied.  These areas of the body, where muscles have become stiff, are called trigger points.  When this happens, it is time to release this tension in order to bring your muscles back to normal and ready for action.  A great way of doing this is through foam-rolling.


When foam rolling, the fascia is released and the muscle gets back to normal.  This is important for high performance since a sore muscle can seriously compromise your body’s response to heavy action.


Trigger points, when released, allow free movement to the muscle, restoring proper movement and taking away the pain. This will result in a better performance.  Foam rolling will also help your muscles not feel sore after strenuous exercise.  This is why it is important to have a foam rolling session before and after a complete routine or hitting the pitch.


Besides the benefits mentioned above, a proper foam rolling also stimulates proper blood flow, allowing oxygen-rich cells and muscles.  This also has the benefit of improving oxygen flow to your muscles during exercise.


Get into the habit of stretching out after exercise with a good foam roller.  This will release tension from your muscles and keep them tuned for any kind of physical discharge.


Foam rolling is both relaxing and flexible.  It is relaxing since it does not require any special effort.  Some exercises include you lying down over one and rocking your body back and forth.  You decide what amount of pressure you let the roller apply over you.  This is determinant to the effectiveness of the self-myofascial release.


If you are really interested in this new trend of fitness to keep muscles ready for action, then you must know that there are different types of foam rollers.  Which one you decide to use will ultimately depend on your level of expertise and the kind of release you are looking for.  If you are a high-performance athlete, make sure you get the best trigger point grid foam roller at the best price and on the best store.



Getting Competitive: Competition Paddleboarding

If you wanted to keep your body fit and active, then you need to keep moving. Athletes are even going through some series regular training and workout to be able to perform well and be the best player possible.

In order to become highly competitive and improve along the way, you need to find the best activity that will help you achieve what you need. Just like going for some fun and exciting paddleboarding competition. You can absolutely challenge yourself and see how you can best other paddleboarding enthusiasts and be the first to reach the finish line.

The Paddleboarding Craze

In order for you to start thinking about competing with other paddleboarding fanatic, you probably have to start learning about the sport even more. There is one good reason why stand-up paddleboarding has become the latest craze, and it’s such an amazing water sport. When it comes to paddleboarding, you have to remember three important things – keeping a good balance, leg strength and proper paddling. So if you wanted to be the best with paddleboarding, practice those skills in the best way that you can.

People who are looking for a perfect outdoor activity that can keep them in good shape would often end up liking paddleboarding very much. Paddleboarding is the best workout alternative, much fun and less expensive. You can even do it with your entire family, including the kids and your dog. It is considered as such a complete water sport activity that offers fun and fitness at the same time.


Getting into a Competition

Since paddleboarding has become an even more worldwide, competitions are just everywhere. If you decide to get into a stand-up paddleboarding competition, then you definitely have to prepare for it. Just like any athlete who would continuously go for training and workouts to constantly improve every single day. In order to even more competitive, you got to practice well and put a good heart on it.

SUP competitions may not be as prestigious as that of the Olympics, but it would mean a lot for a paddleboarding enthusiast. It is such an honor to finish the race first and awarded as the best among the others. Be competitive, make the proper preparation and practice how you can beat your opponents.

The Paddleboarding Competition

Paddleboarding competitions are known entertaining and light. Most of the time, then contenders are just there to have fun and enjoy the sport. Although you got to win and finish it as a winner, the ambiance around the area can be lighter. It’s a way for people to get competitive, but still enjoying what they do.

Just like the other water sports, paddleboarding also require some safety precautions. It’s a requirement to have some safety equipment. You also have to use the best quality stand-up paddleboards to make sure that it can withstand the competition. There are many things that you need to consider before you decide signing up in a paddleboarding competition. In the end, what’s important is that you enjoyed and you prove to yourself that you can do it!

How Technology Is Helping Personal Trainers

The world around us is stirring fast. Innovations and technological advancement is all around the corner. Technology is within our arm’s reach and its sophistication is definitely designed for everyone’s convenience. Technology helps personal trainers to stay up-to-date in the continuously changing trends in fitness industry. Fitness gadgets are becoming personal trainer’s friends where smart techs are incorporated in the training arsenal for smarter ways.

The question is will digital-enhanced workout outsource personal trainers and sliced out number of clientele in a certain fitness program?


A one-on-one relationship or engagement in a small group with a personal fitness trainer will never be replaced by digital trends. Hi-tech gadgets are made available that will help boost client’s interest while keeping a track of their actual progress on real time which will result to better compliance in every session, but it’s the personal trainer’s professional assistance who’s putting a huge thrust in the client’s successful achievement of their fitness goal.

The mind controls the body and a healthy mind is strengthened by the heart’s desire and dedication towards attainment of something. “The body follows where the heart goes” (Mark 10:17). A strong will power defines it all.

Being truly fit is seen beyond the realm of what the eyes can see. Wellness goes hand in hand with a healthy mind . It involves learning and eventually adopting and maintaining healthy lifestyle. Health status of an individual can be greatly affected by stress which is why health and mind is inseparable.  Everyone is susceptible to any kinds of stress every day. Listen to your body and respond to what it’s telling you. A considerable amount of positive benefits is what fitness training can offer and some are beyond physical aspects such as improvement of positive self-image, boosting of self-esteem and stress relief.

A busy job or hectic schedules are some of the hurdles keeping someone from engaging in a fitness training program. Being busy is IN you just have to take an active role to make the time because it is your sole responsibility to take care of your own health. Chances are definitely possible with choices.

Soul fitness can serve as a doorway to unmask anyone’s potential for self-improvement. It yields a lot of benefits that helps to shape up your life by fostering a healthy mind for the nourishment of your physical body and soul.