All the Top Performing Athletes get a Sports Massage before an Event

Massage therapy has been an important part of training professional athletes for years but only recently have scientific studies shown how effective they really are.  For athletes, a sports massage is the way to and you can find many massage therapists like Adam Harris that can provide them. Whether you’re a professional or just looking to improve your next performance event, a pre-event sports massage is worth considering as part of your training.

Sports massages come in a few different types based on when you receive them, each with different effects on the body.

  • Immediately before a competition (pre-event)
  • Between competitions on the same day (inter-event)
  • Immediately after a competition (post-event)
  • During the training program (therapeutic)

For this post though we’ll just be focusing on pre-event massages. The main difference between this type and the others is that it seeks to loosen the muscles rather than relax them. The others are mostly focused on muscle growth and recovery while a pre-event massage aims to warm up the muscle tissues and get the athlete pumped up for the event.

How is a pre-event massage done?

Most pre-event massages are no more than 10-15 minutes in duration and can be performed anytime from two days before the event until immediately before it. The closer to the event the massage is done the lighter it should be. A deep-tissue massage would distort the athlete’s muscles too much before an event and only leave them feeling drowsy. Instead, the massage should be light but fast which will invigorate the muscles for greater flexibility. The key is to bring warmth and stimulation to the outer tissues wile stimulating blood flow through the inner muscles.

This is also a great time for sports psychology while applying the massage, the therapist should be talking positively to the athlete to get them prepared for the competition. Each athlete prepares for an event in different ways so it’s important that the therapist understands how they get ready first.

Benefits of a pre-event massage

Increased Blood flow: all massages seek to increase blood flow through the body. This allows nutrients to flow through the body while reducing toxins. But a pre-event massage also aims to draw blood flow to desired areas that will increase performance.

Increased joint mobility: for events that require a lot of flexibility this will make a big difference in performance. Greater joint mobility will allow for faster responses to a changing situation such as boxing. However, if speed is the goal then this should be used with caution as it can actually slow down an athlete a bit if performed right before the event.

Improved mental stamina: as mentioned above a pre-event massage is a great time to give the athlete a bit of extra motivation as well as better mental clarity. Positive talk combined with the calming effects of a massage can be of great help in overcoming pre-event anxiety and boosting enthusiasm for an event. This can also have a placebo effect by making the athlete believe that any perceived muscle issues are being worked out. They can also gain greater confidence from believing that they are getting something the other athletes aren’t, thereby getting an edge on the competition.

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Level Up Your Paintball Game with These 3 Awesome Excercises

Paintball is a very challenging game, there is a lot of competition going on. When the game first started, it was all about the ”last man standing”. You should be able to defeat all your opponents to win. But as the it evolved into a much modern play, so thus the rules. Paintball had become an organized sport and it is now being played in tournaments. Multiple players  in groups now play the sport, they win through group camaraderie and cooperation. A referee does the scoring, declaring who wins or who loses.

In order to bag the trophy, the players should not only have the best paintball guns, but  must also have the skills and physique to endure the challenge. Like Paintball ninjas, prior to a tournament, there is a lot of preparation to be done. Tactics are formed and intense physical training is undergone. So, to level up your game here are 3 exercises you must be doing:

Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercise is an essential part of a training. It does not only do amazing result physically, but it also strengthens the heart and the lung capacity. You can do anything you enjoy most, like running, jogging and fast walking for an hour or two. However, studies show that intense cardio exercises for at least 20 minutes can be more advantageous for the body than low intensity ones. So choose your routines wisely.


Strength Training

Lifting weights can tone, firm and strengthen the muscles. And the more developed muscles you have, the stronger you get and the better paintball player you can be. If you are new to it, you can have body weight exercises, this simply means using your own weight for strength training. Next, you can start lifting dumbbells and barbells, then cables or type rods for a more intense workout. Consult a fitness expert before doing so, he will assist you  with the routines and prevent occurrences of any injuries.


Flexibility Exercises

Stretching prior and after workouts are considered flexibility exercise, but it takes a little more than that to lose tight muscles. Yoga is known as a good way to do that. It loosens muscles and releases those lactic acids trapped within making it more flexible. Doing yoga posts prevent injuries during the game, it is indeed very beneficial for the body. So,start now in preparation for the big game.


Add a new dimension to your sport. Level it up by doing these three exercises. You will surely notice the big difference. Enjoy!

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Basic Medical Supplies for a Family

Whether you’re single and living on your own, or you’re a family taking up every square inch of your house, medical supplies are an essential component to any home. First aid kits are widely available, but what do you do once you start running out of supplies? How do you add to your repertoire, and if you do add items, what should they be? In this article, we will provide are thoughts on some practical medical supplies to keep around the house in case any family member gets hurt.


The first thing you should do is discuss with your family where all the medical supplies are. If you get hurt and your partner is not home, you may need to rely on your children to get help and tend to you in the time being. This doesn’t need to be a big discussion in a family meeting, but simply letting everyone know where the supplies are. Try to keep everything in the same location. With a first aid kit, this is easy, because it’s all in the bag. However, if you add to it, try and keep everything in the same area. If you don’t have a first aid kit, but you have some supplies, there are lots of good medical bags available that can help you get started.

Think Practical

What are the most likely injuries, who is most likely to get hurt, and what are the most practical and versatile tools that you can incorporate in your first aid kit? If you have children, they will naturally be predisposed to cuts, scrapes, bruises, and other minor injuries from playing around. In this case, it’s always a good idea to have an ample supply of gauze, bandaids, athletic tape, and bandage scissors. Preventing infection is key, so it’s always a good idea to have some Polysporin, or something similar, in the pack as well.

Sanitary products are also a good idea. If you can find some latex gloves to put in there, those could be great. Otherwise, something as simple as a small bottle of hand sanitizer is good, too.  Alcohol swabs are also a good idea in case you need to clean out a scrape or cut before wrapping up. Hand sanitizers won’t work that well because they will cause a tremendous amount of pain and won’t evaporate as quickly. Wipes are much more convenient, and while not totally pain-free, are often necessary.

Lastly, you can include some pain medication, such as Tylenol or Advil, but make sure you know when to (and not to) use these. One underrated item to keep handy as well is Aspirin. If anyone in your house, or even a neighbor, is experiencing what they think could be a heart attack, quick access to Aspirin of up-most importance. Chewing and aspirin is one of the first things you want to do int hat situation while you wait for help to arrive.


At the end of the day, as long as you have everything in one easy-to-find place, and you periodically check your supply levels and think about what you need, you’re already on the right track to be as prepared as possible for any medical situations or emergencies. Hopefully, you will never need this stuff, but if you do, the items we mentioned above can cover a lot of your bases.

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Athletes’ Healing Process – Dogs Can Help

Accidents do happen. And when it does, it is extremely depressing for people, especially for athletes. These individuals are exceptionally active and they do what they love to do – sports. But, this comes with a price, they are also prone to trauma and sometimes, no matter how they try to avoid or prevent injuries, untoward circumstances do occur.

When a sporty person gets an injury, it can be debilitating for him. Not able to do what you are passionate about can be very depressing. Some recovers, but some does not and in the process of healing, may that be physical, emotional and mental – more often than not, they have difficulties grappling with the situation. There are numerous ways to cope up, and one unique way to accelerate the process of healing is through the help of a man’s best friend – DOGS!

Therapy Dogs

There is a profound connection between our canine pals and humans. The effects of dogs to people is so intense that they have the ability to speed up the recovery as backed up by evidences throughout the history. First documented proof  happened during the World War II, where a certain Corporal named William Wynn brought Smoky, his Yorkshire Terrier everywhere he went. When Corporal Wynn was afflicted with a disease, Smoky was brought regularly to visit him in the hospital. And aside from helping Corporal Wynn, he was said to have contributed to the healing process of the soldiers confined at the said hospital.

Today, these furry friends are being trained to be Therapy Dogs. They are naturally loving and can sense human emotions and needs. So what trainers do is to upskill them to be more obedient and caring, expose them more to people through dog walking and other ways of human exposure, so they can get accustomed to and stay calm around crowded places and also teach them how to be gentle, yet strong. These are the characteristics developed so they can be an effective therapeutic companions.

In addition, there are studies made to know the of effects of dogs to humans in general. Being around these furry pals is said to increase oxytocin and dopamine, making you feel happier, more connected and contented. It is also concluded that cortisol significantly decreases making them as good de-stresser. Having a dog is truly marvelous as back up by Science and of course based on the life experiences of millions of pet lovers and dog trainers.

Now, let me ask you these questions, do you think athletes can benefit from dogs, do you think they will accelerate their recovery period? Definitely! Even the most withdrawn athletes who have difficulties accepting their situation can benefit from a therapy dog. Just merely being around with this animal makes a huge difference in the life of any human.

Watch this short video on how dogs hep not only athletes, but children as well.

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Workout – Preventing Injuries

A lot of people today are so eager to attain a sexy, hot physique. Sometimes many go way overboard to attain such fitness goals. Some injuries can occur during workouts that can lead to as minor as mild cramps to debilitating paralysis and even death. This is all because of carelessness of not knowing or educating themselves on how to prevent such. Now, before you go further in achieving a fit and healthy body, better read on.

Research before Commencing
It is essential before starting any fitness program to research on it. Make sure you can handle the workout, if you are not sure about it, ask a Thrive Personal Trainer, a professional fitness expert that can guide you on what best exercises you can engage to. Another thing is to consult a physician prior to setting foot in the gym. It is important that you do. This will allow you to be aware of the activities that you can and cannot do, as well as conditions that you might have that can further jeopardize your health upon strenuous movements.

Warm Ups/Cool Downs
Warm ups and cool downs are the best ways you can prevent injuries. Warm ups such as light calisthenics movement, slow running, and stationary bikes prep the body so it can achieve its full potential during intense and strenuous workouts. Cool downs on the other hand gradually relaxes the body, preventing cramps, body aches and other post workout problems.

Stretching is also part of a warm up and a cool down. We have to give emphasis on this because it is the most important part of any routine and before engaging into any sports. Most muscle injuries are often caused by skipping this one basic step. So, do not forget to stretch, this allows muscles to be more elastic preventing any muscle tear and cramps.

Listen to Your Body
We often hear fitness enthusiast say “No Pain, No Gain”, but I want to let you in to something. There is an “acceptable” level of pain during workouts. Bear in mind that pain is a way for your body to communicate that there is something wrong. So listen to your body, do not push so hard and know when to stop.

During intense activities we tend to perspire so hard, we lose body fluids through sweat making us prone to dehydration. This may cause our body to shut down in an attempt to keep fluids circulating. Keep hydrated during workouts by drinking water within cardiac limit.


Hire a Personal Trainer
Thrive personal training can be a bit of a hurdle. But do not fret, the best and the wisest way to prevent injuries during workouts is to hire a fitness expert. They know the proper program for your body, the right diet and supplements that can enhance your routine, strengthen the bone and muscles and help you achieve the body you always wanted.

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How our new signage caused a 50% increase in new clients


Business signs should be well-crafted to give a lasting impression about your business to clients. Creating awareness is crucial if a company wants to stay relevant in the market. A well-placed sign with effective elements should be able to generate more interest from people.

As signs get older, the design and build will become less attractive to customers. Modern time require much more modern design elements and following newer trends. You need to be able to adapt so you can stay relevant.

Hiring a sign maker to evaluate the marketability of your company will be important during this time. They should be able to work with what you have in terms of your old sign and make you a new, much more modern business signage that will attract more clients.

This new signage will have elements that make it an effective sign to market a business. Signage done by professionals will be better looking compared to going DIY because they have the experience and skills to make a signage effective.

Signs should have attention-grabbing qualities. People should just look at the sign and know that the company who owns it is professional and sells only high quality products. These qualities become even more important for a company selling alternative medicine to customers just like us.

The alternative medicine industry is quite difficult to market in because generally it goes against the grain when it comes to the preferred option of customers. It has to be effective enough to convince customers to change their tune when choosing medical options. Our sings have the following characteristics:

  1. Visible – The contents of the sign should be clearly seen with the proper lighting. Strategic placement is also important wherein customers can see it from many different angles. You shouldn’t place it near some obstructive objects like electric poles, trees, or neighboring structures in your area. Bigger signs are also effective in attracting customers across the street or from another block to your place.
  2. Informative – Each sign should contain complete information about your company including name, contact information (phone, email, and text), and the full address.
  3. Message – The message on your sign includes the name, logo, and slogan. Both the name and logo should give clients an idea of what they will get from the company. If you put a slogan on your sign, it should help in recalling the brand your company is trying to build. People who remember the slogan will surely remember your product/company in the future.
  4. Design – Nice bold colors should be used to make a business signage more effective. Visually, bold colors attract more eyes along the street. You can also play with the colors to contrast very well so you can make the words and images in your logo pop out even more.

These are the qualities we made sure our business signage had to be able to effectively attract 50% more customers to our products. We rely on a sign make that can do business printing for us. It really helps us take advantage of the buying tendencies of our customers to bump our sales and visit to our stores.

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Are Natural Supplements Effective?

Natural supplements are becoming very common mainly because of the fact that we are currently overwhelmed by many different kinds of synthetic or artificial products. Though synthetic and artificial products have made our life easier, better and perhaps longer, some of them have adverse effects to our health. Yes, we can live longer and easier but we are suffering from many different side effects that synthetic and artificial food, especially the shady ones which claims that you’ll lose a fixed amount of weight after a week.

Some drugs aren’t even thoroughly tested, but because they produced decent results to a handful of users, they are already sold out to the public to rack up cash. Then, side effects will begin to rise months or even years after the consumption of the said product. Nevertheless, many synthetic drugs are very effective, especially those which are tried and tested to work, but with a cost. If you didn’t know, drugs and other artificial medications puts burden to our liver, a very important part of our body.

What are Natural Supplements?

Obviously, natural supplements are found and obtained from natural sources. Natural supplements are more commonly called as herbal supplements. They are a type of dietary supplements that contains herbs or part of herbs. An herb is a plant that’s used for its cent, flavor, and/or therapeutic properties.

Many herbs have been in use for thousands of years and it was proven that they have the ability to cure a disease, improve bodily functions and many more. Therefore, we can concur that natural supplements are safe to use and effective.

Are Natural Supplements Effective?

Yes, they are effective, and the earlier information made it clear. However, you need to find the right natural supplement for a particular thing that you needed. For example, if you are looking for an effective acne treatment, then you’ll find effective results by using tea tree oil.

Aside from effectively treating acne, the tea tree oil comes with a lot of other benefits such as reduced chance of getting a dry skin and skin irritations.

Are Natural Supplements Safe?

Natural supplements come from organic products, so we can be rest assured that it is 99% safe. However, some companies mix natural and synthetic products and claim that they are 100% pure natural. Make sure that you get from trusted sources to avoid any side effects or unwanted outcomes.

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Should Archery be Considered a Sport and Should it Be in the Olympics?

Should archery be considered a sport and should it be in the Olympics? The answer to this question is a resounding yes! Throughout history, archery has been considered a sport. Almost all established civilization has some form of archery competition with the earlier version using the best hunting arrows, some on horseback, some stationary while still others do it together with other sports like running.

Should it be in the Olympics? Again, the answer is yes. All the characteristics of an Olympic sports are found in archery and there is no reason at all that this sport should be discriminated. Here are some characteristics of archery that you find in all other Olympic sports:

  1. Training—The focus of training is the perfection of shooting skills. Practitioners are often required to accurately hit their target with consistency. This is often done in varying distances and for extended periods. Elite archers often train for an average of six hours a day for 5 days a week. Does it sound familiar? Well yes because this is the same requirements as other Olympic sports.

  2. Competition

    There are archery competition all year round. National, regional, local, you name it. Major International competition are also held in a regular basis usually during summer. There are also team and individual events and with all these competitions, you can guess tha archers are a busy bunch.

  3. Physical aspects—If you accidentally measure distance in terms of paces and suddenly feel the urge to shoot down running games, there is a good chance that you have the blood of an archer running in your veins. There is no particular body type required to be an archer. All you need to have is the desire to train on a regular basis without entertaining the possibility of quitting. This is the kind of sport where the playing field is level in terms of body types.

  4. Atheletic lifestyle—You might have guessed it from the points above that archers have a busy lifestyle. All the training and competition will definitely eat up all your time. Needless to say that this sport is not for the faint-hearted. You need to have what it takes to love this kind of lifestyle.

Although there are many forms of Archery, target archery is the most common sport being practiced since its acceptance in the Summer Olympics. There are two main styles of bow popular among its practitioners according to best bow reviews; the compound bow and the recursive bow.

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Changes in Physiotherapy to Support Elite Athletes

Physiotherapy has changed a lot over the years. Back in the day, physiotherapists are the professionals that we go to for help when we need something fixed. But in today’s athletic industry, they are already integrated in athletic programs.

The biggest reason for that are the health risks elite athletes are exposed to. It’s not really the diseases that might cripple them but a big injury that could hamper or worse get them out of commission in their sport.

Nowadays, sports medicine physician have big role in keeping athletes healthy all throughout the season. They have the support of both the athlete and the team management in employing methods that prevents injuries as much as possible but doesn’t hamper their performance.

Before, physiotherapists are specialists who learn techniques to help the body recover from big sports injuries through effective therapy. Although the therapy methods are essentially better, physiotherapists are asked to do more.

Aside from injury recovery, they work closely with athletes to manage their workouts and exercises to make them less susceptible to injury. This means that their workload has expanded because it brings new dimensions to their discipline. They have to be able to provide services that answer the demands of the team and the athlete as well as to be able to communicate with their clients what they are trying to do.

There are now sports medical clinics who dedicate themselves to sports performance. They have highly-skilled physiotherapists who tend to athletes as well as modern techniques and technologies that enhance their capabilities and address more critical issues with regards to athletic performance.

Managing all this has become a big problem for sports teams and athletes. But, it is also a problem they welcome. It ensures that they always get the best medical advice from credible professionals while still taking athlete preference into account in all their sports decisions.

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How Technology is Making Knee Braces More Effective

Over the years, experts have been trying to find better ways to prevent or deal with knee injuries. The use of knee braces is one of the breakthroughs that had benefited lots of people around the world in protecting and supporting their knees.

Technological advancements are also everywhere. Along with all these advancements, new developments and modifications were discovered to improve knee braces’ functions even more. It gives more support, protection and treatment to the many types of knee injuries. Some more advanced knee braces can help reduce the possibility of arthritic damage and even reduces pain.

Dealing with Knee Injury

There are many reasons why knee injury occurs. For some it may be caused by complications due to some severe illnesses or even old age. But often, injuries happen because of exhaustion. Knees are getting overused because of too much physical activity, especially for those who are playing extreme sports.

Having knee injury can be very daunting. It will affect your movement and if not properly attended, it may lead to a more severe mobility issues. Dealing with your knee injury as early as possible is important. It is the best way that you would be able to protect yourself from getting more serious health problems.

Knee Braces Technology

For the past decades, knee braces technology has been improving. New support technology was added to give more comfort and support. Whether you’re trying to avoid an injury or recovering from a past injury, you can find the best type of brace that works for you.

For instance, there are knee braces that combine technology, design and functionality in one. The best example is the Defiance III by DonJoy. It’s very light weight that you can wear it underneath your clothes. Defiance is a great choice for those who are into some extreme sports like skiing. Sports braces provide support without hampering your movements.

Some latest and highly advanced knee braces even have some cold therapy added. It can be a perfect brace for those who have experienced some minor injury. It’s like a combination of best compression and ice which can help lessen pain and swelling. All these technologies just make knee braces even more effective.

Finding the Best Knee Brace

The next challenge is to find the best knee brace that suits you. Since there are many knee braces available in the market, how would you be able to know which one works for your needs? The first and maybe the most effective way is to visit your doctor which will be able to assess the real condition of your knees. And so, will be able to suggest the kind of brace that you can wear.

You have to remember that knee braces vary in design and purpose. And it makes a lot of sense that not all braces would work for you. Whether you wanted to protect yourself from getting an injury or you’re trying to remedy an injury that you get into and get back to your normal life, the most important thing is to find the right brace, which will aid you, protecting and supporting your knees in the best possible way.

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